Summer School “Doing Business in Russia”

The Summer School Program “Doing Business in Russia” was tailored to help international students see Russia as a player in the global econ­omy and to understand special characteristics of the Russian Business environment, to develop skills in team working, marketing and busi­ness planning. The program is aimed at students from all over the world, who want to get an experience of staying and learning in Russia and wish to gain an insight into the Russian mentality, culture and business climate.

Summer School 2013 included three main courses: Introduction to the Russian Civilization (1 ECTS), Doing Business in Russia (2 ECTS) and Intercultural Management: Leadership and Communication (1 ECTS). The first course examined the evolution of Russian society and culture from the earliest times to the present day with focus on historical events, foreign influences and prominent personalities that have shaped Russian culture through centuries. It introduced students to the development of core values and norms of the Russian people.

The second course aimed to make students familiar with the current economic situation in the Russian Fed­eration; to give them an insight to the Russian market and understanding of the needs of potential customers from Russia. The course included Business Game where students applied in practice the acquired knowledge about Russian market business segments.

The third course let students to enrich intercultural com­munication skills, familiarize with the best practice of intercultural manage­ment worldwide and get knowledge about best practice in Russia.

Besides theoretical courses students were divided into multinational teams that took part in the project competition that lasted throughout the entire period of the Summer School program. During two weeks the teams worked on their own enterprise establishment in the Russian market (shop, micro-brewery, coffee house, bar, language school and hostel). The fieldtrips as well as professional consultancy was organized for each team upon their venture. On the 1st of August, 2014 the final challenge (projects presentation) took place. The winner- team was selected by the judges on the basis of the general score of each team and the results of the final presentations. The Summer School 2013 winner team was team Well Dressed (the shop). Winners got the traditional cup and some souvenirs.

Anna Zvereva (Savonia UAS, Finland): It was perfect to spend two weeks in Summer School in St. Petersburg because we had good events, good lectures and I studied with perfect guys. I think it is very good opportunity because you study here not only having rest in summer time.

Selene Demuru (University of Trieste, Italy): The summer school was organized very well. I really liked the lessons regarding Russian culture and dimensions because I learnt a lot of new things and because of our teacher I really appreciate her. I am happy and satisfied it was good choice for me as I needed something like that. It’s an important experience and everyone should try program like this.

Pascal Brunold (St. Gallen UAS, Switzerland): I enjoyed my stay in St. Petersburg and the course very much. I found the field trips extremely interesting and worthwhile. It was lovely and worth every moment. 

Sun Xi (Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing): Fantastic! It’s quite impressive for me to have such fieldtrips and courses. All the things I saw presented me an open, energetic and vivid Russia. All the agenda was well-planned.

Riku Tulkki (Savonia UAS, Finland): I am still in love with St. Petersburg and this school. It was really very nice and open minded. Would be here for 2 more weeks! Young Russians are very nice and friendly as well as teachers. Fieldtrips were also very interesting. It would be very nice to study more here in St. Petersburg.


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