UNECON celebrated Chile’s Independence Day

Currently living in Saint-Petersburg Chileans together with students, associates and school pupils: all those who have interest in Spanish language and Latin America participated in the event on September, 18.

Honorary Consul of Republic of Chili – Igor Maksimtsev (Unecon rector as well) opened the celebration by telling the audience about long-standing friendship between Unecon and Saint-Petersburg with Republic of Chili. Rector expressed a gratitude to colleagues, graduates and friends of University – the “international detachment n.a. Víctor Jara” for promotion activities on friendship relations development between two countries. He congratulated guests and musicians with the official holiday.

Four-piece band Las 4 Estaciones (L4E) performed after the speech.

String quartet Las 4 Estaciones (L4E) started 2013 in Santiago de Chile. On their European Tour 2019 they perform unique covers on the  songs of Violeta Parry and Víctor Jara – very important names of Chilean music.

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