UNECON Experts at St. Petersburg Congress of Industrialists

On September 17-19, St. Petersburg technical fair took place at Convention and Exhibition Centre «EXPOFORUM». Among the other events, there took place a St. Petersburg congress of Industrialists «Industry after pandemic: challenges and solutions».

UNECON was represented by the following researchers: Dr. G. Lepesh, Prof. Dr. I. Makarova, Cand. of Sc., senior lecturer O. Ugolnikova, who presented intermediate results of the scientific research, funded by the Grant of the Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research, «Theory of Belarus industrial complexes and industrially developed regions of Russia modernization in the context of neoindustrialisation». The project is carried out in partnership with researchers from Belarus and under support of Belarus Republican Foundation of Fundamental Research and is led by Gregory Lepesh, Dr. Of technical Sciences.

Relevance of the project is based on the demand to reconsider approaches to national and regional policies, which currently do not take into account the whole complex of structural, technological and organizational changes in Russia-Belarus relationship. The project is aimed to develop theory and methodology of the system model of well-balanced international industrial policy, as well as to provide practical recommendations to the governmental bodies in question.

The research results will aid growth of efficiency of the governmental support to the Russian industries in particular of the North-West Region and Ural.





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