Unecon International students are doing fine in the lockdown

It’s been more than a month since Russia implemented self-isolation regime due to Covid-19 pandemic. Exchange students from Europe and Asia are staying in the dormitories on the territory of the UNECON campus – they are studying remotely now. Students told us how they spend their free time during the lockdown.

“I try to find some ways to relax. I like cooking very much – it’s a good way to relax my mind after a whole day of online classes”, - HuangHua, a Chinese student, shares photos of his culinary creations with us. “I would also like to thank all my UNECON friends – without your help, I would feel alone!” – says HuangHua.

Students cook dishes from different regions of the world: Georgian khatchapuri, Swiss nut cake, British galettes… “We try out new recipes every day and prepare fresh dishes. Our favourite food are, of course, Russian dishes like homemade blinchiki (crepes), plov (rice pilaf) and pelmeni (dumplings)” – say Patrick Zitzer and Nadja Renner, students from Germany.

Some exchange students had a great idea to buy board games before the lockdown became official. Now it’s easy to fight boredom – in the evening dormitory residents gather in the kitchen to play games. When staying in their rooms, students read books, watch their favorite movies or TV series or call their families.

It’s always hard to adapt to new circumstances, but students did great job in organizing life in the dormitories during the lockdown. Ulysse Gouret, a French student of International Institute of Economics and Politics, shares students’ lifehack: “Every two days students offer to do sports together in the yard of the university. It is what we call a “work out”. Each session is organized by a different student, who suggests new sport exercises or games to train. Some students bought materials to play sports, like badminton, football, which makes it more fun for us to exercise”.

UNECON Buddy Program keeps in touch with international students during the lockdown. Buddies organized online language club for people, who would like to improve their Russian outside classroom. Indeed, the period of self-isolation is a good time for educating oneself and learning new things online! Nadja Renner told us: “Sometimes we also read Russian fairytales, to train our reading skills in Russian”.
“We meet around a teapot to talk and try to discover better some Russian traditions, without having to go out. We try to live our life in Russia inside a microcosm” – says Ulysse Gouret.

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