Unecon Students in Beijing

Unecon Students took part in in the XIII International Youth Organizations Forum and in the Beijing Sister City Youth Camp 2019 on October, 20-26, 2019.
The following students were in the Unecon delegation:

  • Khodosova Evgenia (master student)
  • Myasoedova Daria (Master student)
  • Hirvonen Polina (Bachelour student)
  • Yovik Elizaveta (Bachelour student)

Organizers are: Beijing Youth Federation, Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

All in all more than 160 young specialists from 30 countries participated in the Forum.

The core theme was «Lets exchange!»
Students presented and discussed their projects under the following topics «Ecological exchange» «Cultural Exchange» «Technological Exchange».

Unecon students presented their project  «Global culture exchange - Russian outlook» in the «Cultural Exchange» section.

In the frameworks of the program students visited world famous Beijing sightseeing attractions: The Forbidden City, Yanki Lake - place of the «Belt and road» Summit 2017, Olympic Park, The Great Wall of China.

The business trip to the «BAIC Group» - the largest automotive engineering company, was in the program. Students got acquainted with the car production process and received international teambuilding training. As the reward it was a test-drive of the company «products».

Moreover, Unecon student Khodosova Evgenia was honored to open the Camp together with main organizers as well as Unecon Student Hirvonen Polina gave a speech on the theme «One way – one belt: international volunteer dialog» at Beijing International Studies University.

As the result of the international trip our students received a huge experience in cross-cultural cooperation and its organization, learned unique methods in youth organizations collaboration with business and government representors and created their personal international network.

Participation of Unecon students in the Forum was organized by the Centre for China and Asia-Pacific Region Studies at Unecon with support of Unecon Department on Extra-Curricular Student Activities.  


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