UNECON students presented analytical results to BVMW Association

On September 10, there was a Conference with the representatives on the International Expert Committee on small and medium-sized business based at UNECON (hereinafter - International Committee). The international Committee consists of leading German entrepreneurs - members of Association of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship Der Mittelstand. BVMW (hereinafter - Association BVMW).

The online conference was dedicated to the international educational project «. «Innovative solutions in e-procurement: experience of Russian companies»», which had been implemented by the students of UNECON in partnership with «Thorsten Gareis. Akademie». This is the largest of the joint projects implemented by UNECON and German company «Thorsten Gareis. Akademie» within the partnership between UNECON and Association BVMW.  More than 20 participants of the projects, students of different faculties and majors, were divided into three project groups to implement the project.

Throughout the whole period of work, the participants had an opportunity to get feedback and advice from the initiator of the project, Mr. Thorsten Garies - director of  «Thorsten Gareis. Akademie». As a result, the students prepared three large analytical overviews.

Since March 2020, the participants has carried out complex analysis of e-procurement in retailing, pharmaceutical and energy sectors to complete first two modules of the project. After the completion of the two modules, Association BVMW made a decision to organize a conference with the members of the International Committee to present the results and analytical reports and to expand the areas of partnership with UNECON.

Within the online conference, the participants depicted the Russian systems of e-platforms, its key players, trends of development and strategies of the retail market development. Moreover, there was discussed the influence of COVID-19 on the e-procurement and opportunities for small and medium-sized business.

Analytical reports and presentations were highly assessed by the the representatives of the Association BVMW,. In particular, the guests was impressed by the depth of the analysis and informational content of the presentations.

Among the participants from Germany, the online conference was attended by Professor in Honor, Dr. Markus Jerger, acting director of Association BVMW, Mr. Thorsten Garies, director of  «Thorsten Gareis. Akademie» and project initiator, Professor Michael Vogelsag and Dr. Celine Nickol - curators of the International Educational Projects from Association BVMW, as well as by representatives of small and medium-sized business from Germany,, members of BVMW.

UNECON was represented by the vice-rectorNikolay Toyvonen, head of the project, Irina Shapovalova, head of the department of License, Accreditation and Academic  Quality Control, Elena Lubskaya, head of internship and educational projects office, students’ groups curator, D. Ivanova, senior lecturer of Department of Logistics and Supply Chains Management, and by the students-participants of the project.

UNECON expresses its gratitude to the German partners for the collaboration development and their professional support to the UNECON students. UNECON highly appreciates the excellent work, that was done within the project, and dedication of the department of Logistics and Supply Chains Management.


Association BVMW is a politically independent association, representing interests of small and medium-sized business in Germany. It has been acting since 1975 and represents more than 1 million of small and medium-sized businesses.  https://www.bvmw.de/



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