UNECON in the TOP-10 entrepreneurial Universities on Business Education

Analytical Centre «Expert» has completed the second stage of the survey about entrepreneurial universities and business schools. UNECON has been ranked the 10th in the field of business education.

Besides the educational and scientific strands, there has been a vivid interest towards the development of entrepreneurial track at universities focused on the areas of the modern economy. Within the survey, analysts of the Centre attempted to assess universities’ experience in the aforementioned field, tracking most successful at the global level start-ups established by the graduates.

The survey has been based on comparison of international data bases Crunchbase, AngelList, Startup Ranking and services  LinkedIn, Facebook, where start-uppers register their projects to raise presence in the network, network and fundraise.

Only those universities, whose graduates got 4 and more start-ups mentioned in the international databases (Crunchbase, AngelList, Startup Ranking) were included in the survey. The rating was based on 7 criteria, which were grouped in two: scale and success, demand. The highest ranking was given to the number of start-ups and graduates and to the volume of investments raised by the start-ups

Deep data research by location, names and universities allowed to educe 1181 people with Russian background, who in the period from 2010 to 2019 set up 1096 internationally recognized  start-ups. The most popular areas to promote ideas and innovations were: IT, trade and service, business solutions, robotic technology and artificial intelligence, financial services.

Furthermore, the survey proved irrelevant the saying that one cannot learn to be an entrepreneur. 423 of all the surveyed founders obtained business education,a large share of whom studied in Russian business schools. Entrepreneurs do not link their success to their academic background directly. However, each and every mentions the importance of the university degree in entrepreneurship.

UNECON has been included in the TOP-10 universities offering business education by the number of start-ups. Besides, the University has been ranked the 10th in list of the «entrepreneurial» universities in the field of business education.

Details of the survey can be found here.


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