Volunteer centre of UNECON keeps on research activity

Volunteer activity has been growing significantly in the recent years. This tendency is closely related to the number of events taking place in Russia and requiring lots of human resources. At the same time, the more relevant gets the issue of professional burnout of volunteers.

Originally the term “burnout” was used to describe emotional exhaustion of those working in the social sphere.

Volunteer centre dedicate a special block to this phenomenon within the Social and psychological research of basic components of volunteer activity.

As a result, they have revealed certain factors which might assess the risks of “professional burnout”
Who should not be scared of professional burnout? Those, who clearly understand what type of volunteering they like and why they do it. Besides, it is worth making new or attracting old friends to volunteering. The last but not the least, those, who consider “thank you” the best award, do not risk burning out.

Who is at risk? Those who are seeking financial benefits and/or those who do not have friends among other volunteers.
To check if you are burning out, ask yourself:

  1. Do I feel indifferent to volunteering?

  2. Is volunteering boring?

  3. Do I feel physically or emotionally exhausted after the event?

  4. Do I feel annoyed by colleagues of other participants of events?

  5. Do I feel like degrading being a volunteer?

Having three yeses means a burnout.

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