Workshop “Social Responsibility of Companies for Sustainable Development”

The workshop took place on October 28-29, 2019 at UNECON. It began with a lecture on challenges for humanity in SDGs context, the role of society, business and state in resolving these issues, European and Russian approaches. It was continued by the plenary session with business, where representatives of 5 companies (SUE “Vodokanal SPb”, hotel “Oktinskaya”, bank “Sberbank”, newspaper “Kommersant”, ANO “I hear you”) answered, what CSR programmes they have, how to create sustainable business and what role social entrepreneurship plays. Furthermore, a debate and two sessions were organized to present students’ studies and arguments on SD and CSR. A game for students was also held so that they thought over how to achieve SDGs. During the workshop students were highly active and involved in an exhaustive discussion. The booklets on SDGs were distributed as well among 95 participants (58 students from 5 Russian HEIs and 24 UNECON exchange students from Europe and China among them).

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