The XIII International Scientific Conference «ENERGETIKA 21: Economy, Policy, Ecology»

On 25-27 November 2020 the XIII International Scientific Conference «ENERGETIKA 21: Economy, Policy, Ecology» was held online at UNECON.

Following a long-established tradition, the conference gathered the leading experts from Europe and Russia, including those from the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies, Russian and international energy companies (Gazprom, Gazprom export, Uniper, Equinor, etc.) as well as national and international organisations.

The first day of the conference was dedicated to hydrogen energy. It is worth mentioning that the first discussion of H2 perspectives in Russia was initiated four years ago in the framework of Energetika conference. The first session touched upon the national strategies - Alex Barnes (Alex Barnes & Associates Limited) demonstrated the EU hydrogen strategy (adopted in June 2020), Konstantin Romanov (Gazprom) referred to the Russian hydrogen strategy and most remarkable projects, Ralf Dickel showed the German project and Almaz Abildaev ("Kazakhstan Energy Aspects" Center) described Kazakh approach. The session - Industrial Experience was opened with the presentation by Andrey Pimenov (vice-rector, Samara State Technical University) on pyrolysis technology. The representatives of German companies - Michael Kranhold, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH and Dr. Axel Wietfeld, Uniper spoke about the role of hydrogen in energy transition strategy.

The Plenary Session was dedicated to the recent developments of gas markets, forecast and the role of natural gas in decarbonisation. Among the speakers there were: Sergey Komlev(Gazprom export), Mike Fulwood (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies) and Andy Calitz, newly elected Secretary General of International Gas Union. Senior vice-president of the Norwegian company Equinor talked about the company’s input to the sustainable development, prof. Andrey Konoplyanik made an extensive analysis of opportunities and problems in Russian, European and German hydrogen strategies.

Three more sessions took place that day: “Covid-19 and consequences for energy markets”, “From traditional oil and gas companies to energy companies: challenges and opportunities” and UNECON and FH Bielefeld Partner Session: “Energy Challenges for Next Generations” with participation of young researchers from UNECON.

The third day of the conference was focused on potential amendment of national and corporate decarbonisation programs in the face of the pandemic, using the example of food, gas and coal industry, and also the discussion on impact of the US elections on global energy markets with Arild Moe (Fridtjof Nansen Institute), Kirsten Westphal (German Institute for International and Security Affairs), Alexey Grivach (National Energy Security Fund) and Grigory Yarygin (Saint Petersburg State University).

“ENERGETIKA 21 has verified its status as an open platform for honest dialogue on challenging issues of energy economics. Unfortunately, like other scientific events, the conference was held online in 2020, but we believe that we will meet each other again in Saint Petersburg.”

Igor Maksimtsev, Rector, Chairman of the Organizing Committee

“I believe that the two goals – forming new energy sector and improving the stability of economy – do not contradict each other. We should reasonably combine them. We should develop best practices without refusing the successfully acting technologies. It is necessary to have a well-balanced approach, which we can develop only together, for example, on such conference as Energetika 21. It’s encouraging that the conference addresses both current state of energy markets, oil and gas companies, and new technologies, such as hydrogen. This allows to look at current energy agenda from different perspectives.”


Elena Burmistrova, Deputy Chairman

of the Management Committee at Gazprom

Director General, Gazprom Export

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