XVII international conference: “Lifelong Learning: Continuous Education for Sustainable Development”

On 26-28 September 2019 St Petersburg State University of Economics with support of the UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning, the Committee of Science and Higher School of St Petersburg Government, Russian Association of Business Education and Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is holding the XVII international conference: “Lifelong Learning: Continuous Education for Sustainable Development”.

The Conference will discuss the most actual problems of lifelong learning within the UNESCO concept “Lifelong learning: continuous education for sustainable development”, the United Nations “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” and the “UNESCO action plan-2030”, as well as implementation of the Order of the Prezident “Of the national goals and strategic tasks for development of the Russian Federation till 2024”. 

Among the main conference topics:

  • Lifelong learning as an object and a subject of study. History of lifelong learning
  • Lifelong learning as a large system in the context of the general systems theory
  • Lifelong learning development strategies at federal and regional levels
  • Universities as national and regional centres for lifelong learning innovations
  • Digitalisation of education: information culture and educational environment, digital university campuses
  • Lifelong learning as a lifestyle. Problems of personality socialization in lifelong learning
  • Silver economy: lifelong learning in the “third age”
  • Business-education as one of lifelong learning models and a factor of sustainable economy development
  • Corporate universities in the system of continuing professional education
  • Innovative methods and technologies in daily pedagogical practice
  • Professional orientation and lifelong learning
  • Specific features of lifelong learning in certain fields (culture, arts, etc.)
  • Development of lifelong learning in ecology. International programme
    “Eco-schools / Green flag”
  • Religious education in the lifelong learning system: interconfessional practice
  • New pedagogical and organizational strategies in continuous education for disabled people


The conference proceedings will be registered in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and published at the web-site of the electronic library www.elibrary.ru

Application forms and papers are welcome before 15 August 2019

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We welcome our colleagues, lecturers, post-graduate and graduate students at the conference!

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