• Vice Premiers of Russia and China at UNECON

    VII Rector Forum of Russian and Chinese Universities and II Session of Association of Classical Universities of Russia and China was at Unecon, September 17.

  • UNECON is in the TOP-100

    Ranking adgence RAEX published a list of TOP 100 Universities of Russia 2019. More than 50 000 students and 158 Universities took part in the research. UNECON is on the 33rd place.  

  • 250 years since creation of Russian Issuing bank

    On 29th of December 1768 Empress Catherine II published a manifest on creation of two Issuing banks: in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Already on the 16th of January 1769 the first Issue Bank Board meeting happened in Saint-Petersburg .

  • UNECON - Saint Petersburg State University of Economics

    St. Petersburg State University of Economics also known as UNECON is one of the leading Russian universities with over a century experience in educating top professionals in economics and management. 

University news

  • On 28 September 2019 Higher Economic School of St Petersburg State University of Economics hold a meeting of alumni and lecturers dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the first graduation of EMBA “Management of Enterprise” programme.

  • Unecon delegation within vice-rector on Research&Science Elena Gorbashko, Head of International Cooperation Department Oleg Zolotokrylin, Director of the Center for International Research and Projects Elena Vasilyeva and Director of Project Support&Development Department of SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» Anastasia Zhukova took part in the conclusive meeting of the partners on the project Erasmus+ UNISON (http://unison.cesga.es) in Yantai city (China), September, 15-22.

  • The conference was co-organised by the leading universities and research organisations from Russia, Europe, Asia and America.

  • The 10th EMAC Regional Conference “Innovations in Marketing Models and Customer Experience Management: Emerging Markets Perspectives” was at Unecon September, 25-27.  The milestone event united representatives of world-leading marketing schools under the auspices of The European Marketing Academy.

  • At the beginning of the presidential race in 2016 Emmanuel Macron published the book “Revolution”. He told about his life, his views on the modern France and the current world situation. In September 2019, a translation of the the President book was published at Moscow State University.

    The leader of the project is Tatyana Lebedeva. She is a professor at Moscow State University, and the Head of International Program at the European Institute of PR (Paris). She gave as well a masterclass to Unecon students of humanitarian faculty in 2018.

    Alexey Krivonosov took over the scientific leadership of the translation. He is a representative of the European Institute of PR in St. Petersburg and the Head of Communications & Publicity Research Department at Unecon.

  • In the frameworks of General Assembly of United Nations World Tourism Organization, the international project for designing and implementation of co-joint education program between Unecon and Vatel Business School of Hotel&Tourism Management (France) was initiated.

    Aline Renard Wang - International Development manager at Vatel Business School of Hotel&Tourism Management visited Unecon and had a meeting with Unecon Vice-Rector on Academic Affairs – Veronica Shubaeva

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