International School of Economics and Politics

International School of Economics and Politics (ISEP) is a part of Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics (SPbSUE), the largest Russian economic university and allows students to obtain diplomas of European universities.

ICEP was found in 2008 and combined more than 15 years experience of international cooperation in the field of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in partnership with leading foreign universities and business schools in France, Germany and Italy.

Nowadays ISEP offers a wide range of international education programs that have been recognized and high evaluated by international experts, because the use of innovative technology and interactive teaching methods. Teaching in a foreign language and the European approach to learning focuses on the practical aspects of working in a competitive international environment allows students and alumni not only to participate in mobility programs (internships in European universities, practices in European companies, exchange programs) and continue their education and scientific activities in the partner universities, but also creates opportunities for employment in Russia and abroad.

In globalization conditions ability to interact with business partners in a global environment and to make management decisions based on local and global factors becomes more and more valuable. These skills, which are necessary to build a successful career in the modern world, confirmed by a diploma of well-known university receive graduates of international collaborative programs. Double degree programs of ISEP give students a unique opportunity to enjoy both the benefits of a Russian university, and all the new opportunities offered to them by foreign universities. After graduation, students receive two university degrees – Russian and European.

Opportunities for the confident step into the future are provided by a broad range of cooperative international educational programs ISEP:

Bachelor programs (are available for students of the Russian universities):

Master programs (are available for students with bachelor and higher degree, if the degree of foreign university, the nostrification of diploma is nedeed):

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