International Analytic Centre

International Analytic Center was established under the Department of Vice-Rector for International Relations in 2014 to monitor and analyze the trends in the world educational space.

The mission of the Center is to increase the competitiveness of the University in the international market of educational services.

Aims of IAC:

  1. Research of world tendencies in higher education in developed countries and analysis of statistical information.
  2. Elaboration of recommendations on the application of advanced experience in the development of higher education in the Russia.
  3. Participation in international associations of universities, execution of representative functions on behalf of the university.
  4. Monitoring of Russian and international funds and programmes.
  5. Dissemination of information about the university as an advanced educational, scientific and cultural center.
  6. Assistance in modernization and creation of new educational programmes which correspond to the market requirements.

The field of research:

  1. World tendencies in the development of higher education.
  2. Higher education and sustainable development.
  3. Dual education.
  4. Intercultural communication in higher education.
  5. Lifelong Learning.
  6. Export of educational services.
  7. Distance education.

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Центр управления коммуникациями и рекламой

191023, Russia, St. Petersburg, Griboedov canal emb., 30-32


  • Elena Viktorova


    PhD in Economics, MBA




    +7 (812) 458-97-30, ext. 3805