Opening ceremony of the International educational program

On August 1, UNECON hosted the opening of the international educational program on energy economics “CHANGING ENERGY LANDSCAPE: THE NEW ENERGY ROUTES OR ENERGY LANDSCAPE TOWARDS NET ZERO”.

Igor Maksimtsev, Rector of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Sergey Romanov, REA Deputy Director-General of the REA Minenergo, Samat Satvlodinov, Executive Secretary of the Russia-ASEAN Business Council, Lyana Dymova, Head of the academic programmes of the A. Gorchakov Fund, and others welcomed the participants.

Leading specialists from large energy companies, business associations and research centres from ASEAN countries came to participate in the internship programme, created at the initiative of the Russia-ASEAN Business Council. The educational programme is being implemented on the basis of the Platform for the Collective Energy Security of Russia and Southeast Asia with the participation and support of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, the A. Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund (InteRussia internship programme) and the Russian Energy Agency (REA) of the Ministry of Energy of Russia.

During the program, participants will discuss the following topics: International Energy Security, Russia’s Oil & Gas Sector in the Global Context, Decarbonisation of the Energy Sector, Coal Markets in the Context of Decarbonisation, Concept of Hydrogen Energy Development in Russia and beyond, Eurasian Energy Initiatives etc. The goals of the programme are to expand Russia’s economic, scientific and technological ties with the ASEAN countries, to create conditions for the development of a dialogue in the energy sector. This internship gives foreign specialists a chance to get acquainted with the Russian scientific agenda, the most significant and promising achievements of Russian scientists, visit state authorities, and take part in expert sessions.