State Labor Inspectorate and UNECON signed a cooperation agreement

During the VII St. Petersburg International Labor Forum Igor Belyaev, Head of the State Labor Inspectorate in St. Petersburg (SLI), and Igor Maksimtsev signed a cooperation agreement.

Both leaders agreed for interaction aimed at solving educational and labor issues of public importance. They emphasized the importance of long-term cooperation on specialist training, as well as connections in developing and implementing innovative educational methods.

UNECON and SLI representatives met in working sessions for several months and discussed priority cooperation areas. The agenda included key strategies for cooperation – to establish chair of Labor Economics; to develop new academic programs and improve current ones in a systematic way; use such an effective method as mentoring institute; to expand job opportunities for students in the State Labor Inspectorate; to promote preventive students training, not only to meet the requirements, but also to lead in modern labor market.

The master program in Labor Economics, which starts in 2023, is one result of this UNECON and SLI productive cooperation. It is characterized by a modern educational approach and is focused on highly qualified Master degree program in economics, labor organization and regulation, productivity, efficiency, and labor safety. Besides, series of workshops by Igor Belyaev, Head of SLI in Saint Petersburg, started in December 2022 and held for UNECON students regularly.

“UNECON pays great attention to practice-oriented education, which is built on the basis of interaction with core business companies. This allows us to graduate highly qualified specialists whose knowledge and skills meet the current needs of the labor market. I am sure that high competence of Inspectorate staff will be a good example for our students, as our cooperation with the State Labor Inspectorate will significantly contribute to the St. Petersburg human resources development,” Igor Maksimtsev said.

The signed agreement identified main cooperation areas, including development followed by implementation of joint educational, research and practice programs, along with social initiatives; internships and employment organization for UNECON students; adoption of research findings, academic results of lecturers and students into SLI practice; holding various events, including workshops, conferences, exhibitions on labor protection and mutual interest.

Olga Onufrieva, Vice-rector for strategic development and foreign communications, is appointed to coordinate UNECON cooperation, while Maria Sidorenko, executive assistant of State Labor Inspectorate in St. Petersburg is to coordinate SLI cooperation.

Igor Belyaev: “This partnership will provide the highest quality level of labor-training program both for the Federal Service for Labour and Employment and for St. Petersburg enterprises.”

Publication is prepared by press service of State Labor Inspectorate in St. Petersburg.

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