The Francophonie Days at UNECON

Traditionally, in March, the Chair of Romano-Germanic Philology and Translation Studies, with the support of the Center of promoting French language and culture, held Francophonie Days at UNECON.

During Francophonie Days a translation festival, a round-table discussion and a concert were held, with students studying French for their first and second foreign languages as active participants.

At the translation festival UNECON students of Linguistics, Foreign Regional Studies, and Economics of groups L-2104, L-2103, FRS-2103, L-2211 and E-2114 tried to translate poems by Jacques Prévert. According to the judges of this contest, the best poetry translations were done by Maria Malenkova (L-2103), Sophia Pospelova (FRS-2103) and Victoria Khmeleva (L-2211). They presented their poetic texts at the concert.

The round-table discussion “Portraits of French feminism” was organized at “Linguistics”. Polina Guselnikova (L-2211) moderated it.

Students of Linguistics, Foreign Regional Studies and International Relations prepared special concert under the guidance of lecturers of French language. It was opened with a song performed by French and Spanish language students of groups L-2104 and L-2105 accordingly. The audience warmly welcomed creative performances arranged by students along with UNECON academic staff members: Natalia Reshetnyak, Irina Markova, Natalia Golotvina, Ekaterina Verezubova, Marina Kichatova, Elizaveta Kutsubina. Songs of popular French authors were performed by Eugene Gamylin (IR-2002) and Yana Savinova (IR-2004). The concert program included a fable prepared by students of L-2003 Ekaterina Shevtsova and Artem Gish. Songs and theatrical performances in French were played by students of groups FRS-2103, L-2103 and L-2211. Young artists Anastasia Reshetnyak and Veronika Tolstoperstova also took part in the concert. Audience and artists enjoyed a wonderful performance of Maria Popova (L-1907) as an entertainer.

At the end of event, results of UNECON Francophonie Days were summed up and translation festival participants were awarded.