UNECON is included in the Premier League of the National Aggregated Ranking 2023

According to the results of the National Aggregated Ranking 2023, UNECON was included in the Premier League of St. Petersburg higher educational institutions.

This is the fifth time the ranking has been released, and it has become a standard assessment scale for the higher education system. Universities use the results of the ranking for self-analysis and comparison with other competitors. The Ranking includes both the capital’s big universities and small regional ones.

686 universities were divided into 10 leagues. The majority of the Premier League is made up of participants in the Priority 2030 Project (36 universities). The Premier League consists of 21 national research universities, 7 federal universities and 3 flagship universities. Of 44 universities, there are 16 from Moscow, 4 from St. Petersburg, 3 from Novosibirsk, and 2 each from Tomsk, Kazan, Barnaul, and Ufa.

The core leaders didn’t change, but there were rotations within each League. For more information about the current position of the university: link.