International Semester

It is clear that Russian is not the most wide-spread language in the world anymore and we do not expect many exchange students speaking and writing in it freely. That is why UNECON develops the International Semester (IS) program to give foreign students the opportunity to enjoy high quality lectures in English and German. For the last three years, we piloted more than 60 Bachelor and Master courses on different topics. We do care about quality: all courses are interactive and include guest speakers and field-trips. The foreign professors as well as company representatives were invited to teach as well. Our portfolio is growing every semester. 

Unecon is enjoying a successful partnership with Fernuniversitaet in Hagen  and we have been using a blended learning model for the last 20 years. We are constantly working on the development of new blended e-learning courses to make our portfolio more flexible. 

  • List of courses for Economics & Business Bachelor Track;
  • List of courses for Russian Language and Culture Bachelor Track;
  • List of courses for Economics & Business Master Track.

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