International Semester

Structure of Studies

The academic year is divided into two semesters.

International program at UNECON is based on the module system. Every course lasts one or two weeks and includes 90 academic hours, 28 of which are contact hours. Students usually receive 3 ECTS for each course. As these courses are relatively compact students are not allowed to miss more that 1 class without any viable excuse, otherwise they are automatically excluded and receive no ECTS.

Bachelor students are offered two programs in English: Economics & Finance and Russian Language & Culture.

Master students are offered only one program in Economics.

Courses from different programs cannot be combined, therefore students are allowed to choose any courses but from one program only.


Grading Scale

At the end of studies each student receives a Transcript of Records – a paper with final grades and number of ECTS. The marks in the Transcript are given in accordance with the Russian grade rating system and the number of percentage equivalent to each grade.

5 “Excellent” – distinguished and profound knowledge of the subject both theoretical and practical, free and creative practical use of the results of the studies subject; comprehensive independent work, sufficient knowledge of the professional literature. The student has acquired 91-100% of the subject.

4 “Good” – good knowledge of the theoretical and practical content of the course, good understanding of the material with some uncertainty and inaccuracy occurred at the examination. The student has acquired 75-90% of the subject.

3 “Satisfactory” and “Sufficient” – satisfactory knowledge of important theoretical and practical principles, facts and methods and the ability to use that knowledge in typical situations. At the same time a student has made noticeable mistakes during the examination. The satisfactory mark is to be considered as sufficient to continue study process. The student has acquired 61-74% of the subject.

2 “Insufficient” – the student has not acquired the knowledge of the subject at a minimum level. The student has acquired less that 60% of the subject.

Zachteno/Ne zachteno “Pass/Fail” – a special intermediary form of the control of students’ knowledge usually held at the end of the semester provided the course lasts for several semesters. Students who got “Zachteno” are admitted to the examination at the end of the course.     


Russian as a Foreign Language

Russian language is taught during the whole semester. In case a student attends less than 80% of the classes with no reasonable excuse, the number of granted ECTS in this case will depend on the amount of attended classes.

At the beginning of semester students have a small test on evaluation of the Russian language level held by the head of the Russian language department. In accordance with the results of the test students are divided into several groups.


Student ID

The student ID is the main student document during the study period. It is issued by the International Department at the beginning of the semester and is extended at the beginning of each following semester in case a student’s period of studies continues for more than one semester. The student ID serves as a pass to enter all University premises and also gives the right for student tariffs and other privileges.


Academic Calendar

Autumn (Winter) Semester

Deadline for nomination:  May 15


Deadline for application:  May 31


Deadline for making changes to LA:  October 15

Beginning of studies:  September 1


End of studies:  January 31


Christmas break: December 22 – January 10


Departure period: January 25 – January 31


Spring (Summer) Semester

Deadline for nomination:  October 15


Deadline for application:  October 31


Deadline for making changes to LA:  March 15


Beginning of studies:  February 1


End of studies:  June 30


May Holidays: May 1 – May 10


Departure period: June 25 – June 30


Contact information

21, Sadovaya street,
191023 St. Petersburg
Russian Federation

Department of International Cooperation
+7 812 7105644