Exchange Students

UNECON has a lively student exchange program on the basis of its bilateral collaboration agreements with more than 120 foreign partner educational institutions. The number of the incoming exchange students annually is about 300.

Exchange students are exempted from the tuition fees; however, they independently cover expenses concerning passport and visa procedures, travel expenses, life and health insurance, food, study materials and personal expenses. UNECON supplies accommodation in the dormitory. The prices can be found in the Dormitory section.

Important information:

  • Only students with International passports are accepted, i.e. students who have only Russian citizenship and study abroad cannot participate in the exchange program.
  • Transcripts of records for autumn (winter) semester are usually issued in the end of February and transcripts for spring (summer) semester – in the end of July.  Therefore the students of the last year of studies should make sure that this does not interfere with any planned graduation and consider their participation in the exchange program carefully.

In order to apply for an exchange semester / year at UNECON it’s necessary to be nominated by the coordinator of the partner university.

Nomination deadlines:

May 15 for Autumn (Winter) semester

October 15 for Spring (Summer) semester

After the official nomination at home University a student should take the following steps to be entitled as an exchange student at UNECON:

  1. Fill in an online Application form;
  2. Fill in a Learning agreement in accordance with the list of courses available (due to specificity of the UNECON exchange program, lists of courses are changed every semester and are sent to students additionally 2-3 months before the program starts);
  3. Get official approval of studies abroad at home university and send scanned copies of the Learning agreement to the following e-mail address:

Learning agreement and the list of courses can be taken from your coordinator or downloaded from this site. Please mind that the list of offered courses is updated every semester.

Application deadlines:

May 31 for Autumn (Winter) semester

October 31 for Spring (Summer) semester

We strongly recommend to adhere to the deadlines mentioned above because of the invitation and visa application processes that sometimes can take overall up to 2 months!


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