The St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON) was founded on August 1st 2012 as the merger of University of Economics and Finance (FINEC) and University of Economics and Engineering (ENGECON). On December 29th 2012 University of Service and Economics (SUSE) joined the alliance. The key principle of merger was to preserve best traditions of all three partners thus new University consists of three Institutes: Institute of Economic, Institute of Management and Institute of Tourism and Service.

Institute of Economics gives a great opportunity to applicants who decided to devote their life to economy enter the Faculty of Economics and Finance. Young people interested in to studying law or theory of interpreting, IT or regional studies – can try their luck at the other faculties of Law, Humanities or IT and Applied Mathematics.
Among the Institute’s alumni are – CEO of Gazprom Alexey Miller, the prime-minister of Armenia Tigran Sarkisyan, president of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Russian Central Bank Nadezhda Savinskaya, director of Gazprombank Olga Dragomiretskaya and many others.

Self-reliant applicants can try to enter Institute of Management which implements training under the unique intensive programs for multifunctional managers who are able to meet the most actual and complicated challenges of modern economics.
The Chairman of the Board of RosNano Anatoly Chubais and CEO of stell giant “Severstahl” Alexey Mordashov as well as Olympic champions Evgeny Plyushenko and Ivan Skobrev are among members of the alumni cohort of the Institute.

Institute of Tourism and Service welcomes those students who are interested in service, tourism and hospitality. One of the Institute’s points of excellence is design thus famous Russian fashion houses were founded by Institute graduates – Tatiana Parfenova, Lilia Kisselenko and Irina Selyuta.

Mission of the Higher Economic School is to raise competitiveness of Russian and foreign companies through improvement and development of its staff on the basis of creative use of modern educative technologies, systematization and exchange of expertise between executives and specialists in process of professional retraining and further training. HSE differs from other business schools by aspiration to provide students with educational services of the highest quality. Programs are maximally adapted to the habit of adult people to act as they imply exchange of expertise as a part of study process.  The ambience in HSE allows students to establish business contacts during their studies. Among the corporate customers of HSE are "Gazprom", “Baltika" brewery and many others.

We are very thankful to all our alumni for choosing us in the past. We hope that their success in leading companies, banks and governmental institutions or even at the highest level of political and financial power is based on their hard work within the University walls.

We are open for everybody who is seeking high-quality education and meaningful research and welcome ambitious people of all ages to join extraordinary brotherhood 38000 students and professors.




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