Russian-Swiss joint educational program “MBA in Digital Transformation”

Digitization has changed the business models of industries in line with modern technologies and new customer needs. Use of technology – such as artificial intelligence and blockchain – is key and offers disruptive potential. But not only technologies should be implemented: transformational process – it’s a change of way of thinking, of interactions within your company, it’s a new culture and new principles of business making. Both organizations and professionals are invited to adapt their value propositions and skillsets in MBA program which could be a chance to develop career and increase profit of company. The program implies full diving to new reality and includes cases of implementation the new successful receipts for all industries. This MBA incorporates an interdisciplinary group of specialists with experience in all relevant aspects of digital transformation and provides participants with the decisive competencies and the knowledge to successfully transform existing or build up new business models of companies – and to raise personal success.

Advantages for Students

  • (E)MBA diploma of Swiss university – Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences
  • The classes are held in Saint-Petersburg by swiss speakers – experts in digital transformation
  • Small class size and individual coaching
  • Participants are top-managers of biggest companies of Russia and the other countries
  • Implementation of knowledge and skills for the solution of your business/companies’ current goals

By successfully completing the MBA, you will achieve the following competencies.

You …

…understand the driving forces of digitalisation and transformative technology and to navigate the technologies disrupting existing business models.

…are enabled to conduct strategic business model analysis and to implement agile structures in order to prepare an organization for digital age.

…understand the key innovation instruments to derive future success opportunities and to develop value added client experiences.

…experience and develop the key skills for collaboration in the digital age – be it personal skills of communication, agile teamwork & decision-making or digital leadership.

…shall thus be able to create a positive customer journey that culminates in a satisfied, value-added experience and to manage and connect all capabilities that drive digital success.

…are aware of the key aspects of successful digital transformation in order to successfully envelop a personal or organizational digital DNA.

Methodology and place of study

30% of the study time takes place in the form of classroom instruction. The remaining 70% consist of individual practical projects, group work and self-study. The on-site events will be held at UNECON in St. Petersburg and on the campus of the Kalaidos University in Zurich. The participants are invited to process preparation and transfer orders. By integrating face-to-face lessons with self-study, written work and individual practice projects, it is possible to experience a sustainable transfer of knowledge and, at the same time, to put what you have learned into practice from the beginning of the study.

Feedbacks from participants

Sergey I. Bakhtin

Deputy Head of Department, Gazprom PJSC

“I decided to become a student again for only one reason: Unecon surprisingly became my alma mater after two years of master’s degree. The MBA program’ topic seemed interesting and relevant: today, digitalization issues are becoming a part of state policy. I have never been disappointed. The program is taught by highly qualified specialists (each of them is great professional in the field that forms the basis of a separate training module, and in the same time has a broad professional erudition in general), focused on practical material and an individual approach to students. Program is characterized by excellent English language in which the material is given, interesting and practice-oriented cases, striving to satisfy the needs of each listener to the maximum. To be student of the Program is unique opportunity to reveal your own potential in conditions of good relations from the mentors. Everyone is ready to respond to any request. I would like to believe that our good relations will not end after the defense of our graduation works!”

Alla A. Lidzhieva

Director of the Banking Risks Directorate of PJSC Bank Saint Petersburg

“That’s an excellent program, relevant materials, invaluable experience of respected lecturers, a creative atmosphere of lectures and practical cases, the opportunity to exchange views with colleagues and get feedback from teachers. Thank you very much for your knowledge and inspiration!”

Mikhail M. Ivanov

Chief Operating Officer, ProActor Solutions, ELMA Group

“For me, as the head of a company – a developer of large business management systems, the program was extremely useful. In particularly, me personally and my colleagues stopped thinking in the paradigm of actions in relation to clients and moved on to real interaction with them. The course has largely changed both the culture of our company and its structure; we have begun to better understand each other and our clients. Neither short courses nor videos do form a worldview, which is indispensable in the modern world.”

Vitaly Y. Batov

Director of the St. Petersburg branch of AlfaStrakhovanie JSC.

“The program turned out to be very interesting and useful, especially for employees of companies that pay great attention to digitalization and want to develop this area. There is both a theory that largely confirms or supplements the existing experience, and practice, which the program participants share. Communication with teachers is open and enjoyment. And, of course, it is very pleasant to meet and establish contacts with new colleagues – leaders of their companies and industries. For some, this is also an opportunity to tighten up and practice communication skills in English.”

Academic Heads

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Koye

Head of Studies


Tel: +41 44 200 1993

Prof. Dr. Tatyana Nikitina

Head of Studies


Tel: +7 (812) 570-29-42

Information and Registration

Dr. Maria Galper

Program Director


Tel: +7 (921) 926-33-39