International Centre for Financial Markets Research (ICFMR)

The International Centre for Financial Market Research (ICFMR) was established in March 2013 to develop international academic cooperation with foreign universities in the fields of banking, investment, insurance, pensions and financial markets. The ICFMR is a follow-up of the Russian-German Centre established in 2002.

The objectives of the ICFMR:

  1. Creating a database on the current issues in financial markets development (pensions, investments, etc.) and processing the information with the use of modern software;
  2. Fundraising and implementation of the joint research projects with foreign partners;
  3. Consulting and search for partners and projects for professors in Saint Petersburg State University of Economics/UNECON;
  4. Development and organisation of interdisciplinary research and seminars with foreign partners;
  5. Organisation of summer schools on the topical issues in the financial markets development at University of Ghent (Belgium) and the Summer School on Banking and Insurance at the High School of Economics, Fribourg (Switzerland);
  6. Publishing reports summaries as a result of seminars and conferences;
  7. Publishing in the Russian and foreign scientific journals;
  8. International experts’ consultations during development of the master degree programs that meet the requirements and needs of the global financial markets;
  9. Preparation of joint textbooks and publications;
  10. Organising Stock Market Simulation Game in cooperation with the Association of Bavarian Savings Banks (Sparkassenverband Bayern).

Contact information

Room 5, ground floor
30/32, Griboedova embankment
191023 St. Petersburg
Russian Federation

Tel.: +7 (812) 540-29-42